Smart delivery

Let the system decide when to send an email to whom. creates a unique behavioral model for each recipient that determines the appropriate time to send your email campaign achieve the best results.

We have long thought that there is no exact algorithm for effective campaign sending. We can’t generally say that it’s best to send an email campaign on Tuesday at 10:00 or, conversely, on Sunday at 19:00. Each person, in this case the recipient of a given email, is unique. Everyone behaves differently, spends time on the computer at different times, their schedules are different, and they read emails differently when the weather is nice, for example, and differently when the weather is bad.

Send emails when your recipients are most in tune. An email that arrives when the recipient is in a meeting or sleeping does not have the right effect. Set the system to send out at least a few days (not just hours) to ensure that the smart delivery has the right effect.

Since it is not possible to categorize all recipients in this way, we decided to design a system for creating models of individual behavior (in our case, e-mails) based on the wealth of information that we can obtain today.

Smart delivery – a feature you won’t find in any of our competitors!

Simply put, for each recipient we create a very complex model of their behaviour and willingness to open the email or click on any link in it. Based on the large amount of data we collect, starting from days and hours of email views, clicks, public holidays and other data seemingly unrelated to email marketing (e.g. current weather or time zone), we are able to automatically recommend when to send an email to whom, so that its effectiveness is as high as possible!

As the data lose their predictive power over time, the algorithm includes a set of scales that influence the relevance of the data with respect to its age or deviation from the average of the user or similar models. The patterns of individual behavior (of emails stored in the system) are by no means constant, and are constantly updated over time as the system acquires new and current data about a given user,

In order to make the Smart Delivery function easy to use and effective for the users of, its integration into the system looks very simple at first sight. From the user’s point of view, this complex system allows the user to choose not only standard mailings but also smart mailings by using the “Smart delivery” button in the 4th step of creating an email campaign.

Click on the button above to define:

1. When and at what time the mailing should start first
2. When and at what time the mailing should end at the latest

Then the system will decide on which day and at what time it will send the individual campaign email to whom.

Example of setting up Smart Dispatch:
Start the mailing at the earliest from: Tue 18.8.2015 7:30 AM
Complete the mailing not later than: Fri Aug 21, 2015 12:00 PM

This function, like our other functions, is cost-free. All our customers can use it, including those in the trial period.

Log in to the system and try our new Smart delivery feature to improve the efficiency of your email campaigns.

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