Product XML feed

A product XML feed is a structured data file containing information about individual products, offers, or services.

Your e-shop or other application usually generates the file. It contains information about the name of the product/service and its description, price, discount amount, web link, etc.

Integration of XML feed with your account allows you to quickly and conveniently compose the content of the email without having to rewrite texts or insert images. Effortlessly and without failures and typos, you can instantly upload your products into the campaign template.

XML feed structure
<?xml version=“1.0″ encoding=“utf-8″?>
<!– coding based on type used –>
<PRODUCT>Table Office Profi 140×80</PRODUCT>
<DESCRIPTION>Robust office table</DESCRIPTION>
<!– second item description… –>
<!– … –>
Supported XML feed item properties

The following tags describe the properties of your XML feed item. All items shall be included within <SHOPITEM> … </SHOPITEM> element.

Tag Description
ITEM_ID Offer identifier
PRODUCT Product/service name
DESCRIPTION Product/service description
CATEGORYTEXT Category name
EAN EAN code
PRODUCTNO Manufacturer code
MANUFACTURER Manufacturer name
MANUFACTURER_IMG URL address of the manufacturer’s image
MANUFACTURER_URL URL of the offer from the manufacturer
URL URL of the offer in the shop / on the website
IMGURL URL address of the product/service image
PRICE_VAT Price including VAT (final)
LIST_PRICE List price (original)

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