The Level of Recipients‘ Activity is proud of its new function, which conveniently informs you about the level up to which your contacts are active in reacting to the newsletters they received. The so-called engagement score of individual recipients is rendered on a scale of 1-5 stars. These stars symbolize the level of activity of the given recipient (1 = the lowest, 5 = the highest). You can introduce yourself to this novelty immediately. All you need to do is open the Contacts folder in administration, the stars have already been displayed by every contact’s email address.

The tenet of this practical indicator is rather simple. In the beginning, the service automatically evaluates all recipients based on their behavior in the past. In the evaluation process, the accountable values are the frequency of the messages display, the inserted links clicks (both unique and frequent), the marking of messages as SPAM, and unsubscribe.

During the evaluation process positive interactions (e.g. displays, clicks) are awarded points, while negative interactions (e.g. unsubscribes, SPAM markings) cause the points withdrawal. Understandably, the evaluation cannot be changed by the client, it is calculated automatically and objectively. This originally calculated engagement score develops simultaneously with the development of the users’ behavior. Naturally, this is necessary in order for the score to reflect the current status rather than perhaps long invalid data gathered in the past.

Are you asking what is this scoring actually good for? The answer is simple. It helps you to evaluate the business potential of your campaign even prior to its launch. That is if you send your campaign to a mailing list with a better engagement score, it is highly plausible that it will bring you more desired recipients’ reactions, i.e. leads.

Based on the score you can filter, sort, distribute campaigns, create new contact lists, etc. The statistics of the engagement score can be found in the detail of every contact list. Generally speaking, segmentation of recipients is one of the most important features for effective communication with clients and improving ROI (return of investments) in email campaigns.

What does the amount of the stars signify in practice?

Recipient regularly displays emails and clicks the links

Recipient often displays emails and does not always clicks the links

Active new recipient but displays emails or clicks the links irregularly

Newly added contact who used to react to the sent message in the past

Does not display emails, nor clicks in long-term, or is unsubscribed

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