First AI assistant in email marketing now integrates OpenAI models into its core. Our new AI Assistant will come up with the perfect email subject line for you based on the keywords you enter.

The subject line it creates in an instant will be based on behavioural and response prediction models and, last but not least, will be packed with powerful keywords.

„Don’t worry about creating original and optimised email campaign subjects: the AI Assistant will do it for you.​“
Martin Viták (CTO)

How does it work?

AI Assistant works very simply to create email subject lines. You enter keywords and choose the style of the text – whether it should be formal, salesy or funny. Choose keywords that convey the content of your message as succinctly as possible.

You can then use the suggested subject line with one click. But if you don’t like it, use the “Suggest another” button and AI Assistant will suggest a new subject line.

Why use AI Creative Assistant?

The AI Assistant uses data from the OpenAI model. This model is trained on a huge amount of text data, allowing it to not only learn, but also understand patterns and trends in a particular language or business. This allows it to suggest appropriate email subject lines, saving you time and increasing the open rate of your campaigns. It also frees you up to focus on creating the content itself, until we make suggestions there too…

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