Google reCAPTCHA v3 explained

CAPTCHA is a security test that prevents your forms from being spammed by computer robots. It exists in many types and has evolved to today’s invisible reCAPTCHA v3 version.

What is antispam protection and why do I need it?

CAPTCHA is an acronym for automatic Turing’s test which is used to distinguish humans from robots. Based on this it protects your forms and prevents them from the entry of robots that may create accounts, register nicknames, send advertisements or download data. CAPTCHA is the main and basically the only protection against their spam and mass abuse of the system.

You may find CAPTCHA when filling online forms or on online forums. Usually, it is an image with distorted text which you must copy out into the appropriate field. It is assumed that the human brain is able to recognize even a distorted text on a complicated background while the internet robot can’t interpret this kind of text even if using OCR technology. CAPTCHA may be seen also in the form of mathematical problems, logical images, traffic lights, etc. However, this technology doesn’t meet the requirements of visually impaired persons and also reduces user comfort.

Today’s scripts are able to distinguish robots from humans automatically, using heuristic and behavioral analysis. That’s why we will be encountering the unreadable texts still less and less. The first of this kind was noCAPTCHA from Google in 2013, followed by the new, completely invisible reCAPTCHA v3 in 2017, which verifies the user’s credibility only in the background.

How can I protect my forms using

Just follow a few simple steps to add reCAPTCHA v3 to the forms that you want to create and to the forms already generated.

  • register your domain in the Google reCAPTCHA system
  • enter URL address of the website where the form will be placed
  • select reCAPTCHA v3
  • copy and paste the SITE KEY and the SECRET KEY – we need them to verify the data sent from the form
  • go to your account, Contacts Section, Forms Tab
  • create a new form
  • DONE 🙂 Now you safely collect contacts from your website

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