Innovative image insertion using artificial intelligence

Innovative image insertion using artificial intelligence


Introducing a revolutionary new feature that will completely change the way you create visual content for your campaigns. Our latest feature uses the latest AI technology to allow you to quickly and easily create unique and professional images based on your description. Get ready for your creative skills to reach new heights!

You can simply describe the image you want to create in this way:příklady generování


Why should you use this function?


  1. Saving time and effort: with our new AI feature, you can generate all kinds of images intuitively and in just a few clicks.
  2. Unlimited creativity: experiment with different themes, styles and motifs without the hassle of browsing photo galleries. This feature allows you to endlessly explore new visuals and inspirations..
  3. The uniqueness: differentiate yourself from the competition with original images designed exclusively for your target audience.





An example of possible use in a newsletter →



How does this actually work?


Our new feature works with OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 model, which can create original, realistic or artistic images based on your text specification. Feel free to combine different concepts, attributes and styles. Each assignment will always generate two corresponding images. In case you are not completely satisfied with the results, the images can be generated again with just one click. We also have an history of all the images you have searched for, so you can easily find the best ones and delete the ones you don’t like. It’s all included in our editor when you create your campaign!

Don’t forget to check out the AI image generation feature, which will allow you to reach new levels of creativity and change the rules of the game. 

Does that sound unbelievable?

Did you know that you can also find a feature in our app that uses artificial intelligence to create an email subject line for you?

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