Secure&Identity pack

In a reaction to the ever-evolving digital environment and recent security changes from Google and Yahoo, introduces Secure&Identity Pack, an innovative solution to increase the security and identification of your email campaigns. Available from January 1, 2024, this pack combines the latest technologies and practices to ensure maximum deliverability and effectiveness of your emails.

What does this service offer?

The Secure&Identity Pack is a comprehensive package of services designed to enhance the security and identification of your brand in email marketing. This package offers a number of key benefits and features that change the way your emails communicate with your customers and are perceived by receiving servers. Here are the main features that the Secure&Identity Pack offers:

Key advantages of the package:

Complete hide tool in URL

Your campaigns will look more professional and reflect your brand better.

Setting a custom CNAME record on a domain

Allows you to customize the URLs used in your campaigns to reflect your own domain, instead of the domain. This means that all links in your email campaigns, including those for open and click tracking, will look more trustworthy and professional.

Setting up headers and tracking links on your own subdomain

All tracking links and technical information in your email headers will use your own subdomain. This way you can better track and analyze the behavior of your email recipients, allowing you to optimize your campaigns for better results. Additionally, using your own subdomain for these technical aspects increases the credibility and security of your emails – this is key to ensuring delivery to your recipients’ primary inboxes.

Ability to send transactional campaigns and communications through

Extends your email marketing capabilities by allowing you to send transactional campaigns. Transactional emails are messages that are automatically generated and sent in response to certain user actions such as order confirmations, password change notifications, registration confirmations and more. This feature allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time and provide them with important information at the exact moment they need it.

Editing headers in emails

This feature allows you to add custom headers to your email campaigns, resulting in more personalized and targeted communications. For example, you can take advantage of advanced marketing strategies such as topping emails in your Inbox List, effectively increasing the visibility of your campaigns.

Simplicity and efficiency

Simplified administration and a unified billing period for all services means less work for you and more time to grow your business.

How to get the Secure&Identity Pack?

This pack is available for any monthly or annual plan. To activate it, you need to have an active account with and meet a few simple requirements. These requirements include:

1. An active account with

2. Complete and updated company information in our system.

3. Verified email addresses.

4. Full DNS records setup.

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