Restriction of free email addresses

Whether you’re informing your customers about new products, sending a newsletter or promoting a new product, it’s important for your email to arrive in their inbox and not be marked as SPAM. In addition to the content of the email, there is another key factor that affects the success of your campaign – the sender’s address. Many people think that using free email addresses such as Gmail, or Yahoo is sufficient. However, you may be surprised by the difficulties you may encounter.

Complications associated with sending emails from free addresses:

  • Limited control over domain: Using email from providers such as Gmail, or Yahoo does not work with its own unique domain. In practice, this means that you don’t have full control over how emails are sent and how they reach the recipient.
  • Complications with verification: Many email marketing tools require verification of the sending address, which ensures that emails are sent in a legitimate manner. With free email addresses, this process can be much more complicated.
  • Risk of email not being delivered: Emails sent from free addresses are more likely to end up in the spam folder or be blocked. Many email systems have strong filters against junk and phishing emails. Even if the content of a message is perfectly fine, it may be flagged as SPAM or even blocked.

What can I do with it? Register your own domain.

See how to register your own domain in this tutorial, for example.

The advantages of sending mailings from your own domain are:

  • Credibility: Emails from your own domain inspire more trust in recipients, while emails from freemail services may appear less professional and may be considered suspicious.
  • Higher deliverability: Freemail services such as Gmail, Yahoo and others may have stricter anti-spam filters. Emails from your own domain tend to have better deliverability if SPF, DKIM and DMARC records are set up properly.
  • Branding and personalization: By using a custom domain, you can better represent and promote your brand. You also have the ability to personalize your email signature, address, and other aspects of communication, which is not always possible with freemail services.
  • Control of your data: having your own domain and hosting services allows you to have full control of your data, which is essential for privacy and security.
  • Flexibility and extensibility: Having your own domain allows for better integration with enterprise applications, marketing automation and CRM systems. It also allows you to easily expand and customize your email services to suit your needs.

In short, using your own domain for bulk mailing is essential for professional communication, security, credibility and effective marketing.

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