How to import template in ZIP format

With our intelligent import tool, you can now easily import a complete HTML template with images directly from the ZIP archive and prepare an email campaign with text or further edit its content in our editor.

Step 1 – Preparing the ZIP archive

In order for the entire import to be successful, it is necessary to spend a few minutes preparing the actual ZIP archive. It’s quite simple:

  1. Create a directory called e.g.: template
  2. Insert into it just one .html file defining the template’s appearance
  3. Create just one subdirectory images (this title is required)
  4. In the .html file, edit the paths to the images to src=”images/image_name…” (The system will replace these images on import so you can import them all at once)
  5. Pack the contents of the directory into .ZIP format – now you have the archive ready for import into our system


Step 2 – Import the ZIP archiv

  1. Login to the system
  2. Click on the “Campaigns” menu
  3. Click on the “New Campaign” tab
  4. Fill in the required fields (Campaign Name)
  5. Select the “Upload HTML/ZIP file” option (see image below)
  6. The form for uploading the file will appear
  7. Upload the file using the form
  8. Congratulations! You have successfully imported the ZIP archive, continue following the guide as for a regular campaign.

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