Custom email headers

When creating a campaign at, it is possible to add custom headers to the email campaign to take advantage of, for example, the Email Topping option in all mailboxes.

topovani seznam

Why is it good to top the email campaign? provides this paid service for all of its email inboxes. By using the service, the campaign that arrives in the recipient’s mailbox, in the “Hromadna” (Bulk/Promotions) folder, will be held in the first position with the “Tip” label for the whole week. This will increase the visibility of the campaign and therefore the overall effectiveness and ROI of your email marketing strategy.

How do I add a custom header to a campaign?

It is very simple. After activating the service at, this provider will generate a unique header code for you. This piece of code you will easily add in step 4 of the campaign creation, in the Advanced settings.

custom email headers



Conditions to be met for starting the service at

  • audit of your sender domain
  • minimum 50.000 outgoing emails (can be spread over several phases)
  • such a mailing is possible only once a month
  • if you have a database smaller than 50.000 contacts, the mailing can be repeated
  • the price for 1.000 emails is 180,- CZK (i.e. for 50.000 contacts 9.000,- CZK)

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